Tuesday, February 20, 2018

New York Fashion Week 2018 Street Style

New York Fashion Week has long been an exciting time of the year for me. From back in my days working at Condé Nast when, I was able to attend shows, up until now as a photographer, it has been something that I have always wanted to be a part of in some way. I used to have dreams of being a top editor or art director, and who knows maybe I will be one day, I still have time, I am not THAT old, right?

 Since launching my very own photography business last year and constantly trying to grow, diversify my portfolio and meet new people in the industry, I decided to take my camera and head downtown to Spring Studios in NYC to photograph NYFW street style outside of the shows. I always love seeing what fashion industry professionals and fashion bloggers, etc. are wearing to the shows, because let's be honest, it is always way more funky and exciting than what most people wear on a regular basis. Back when I worked as a photo assistant at Condé Nast, I was always reaching out to street style photographers to purchase their images to use in the magazine or on the website, so it was pretty cool to see these photographers out there and shoot right along side of them.

 Photographing street style outside of the NYFW 2018 shows was an awesome experience. I got to meet some pretty cool photographers, run into some old friends and see the whole behind-the-scenes world that is street style photography. Most people see these images on social media and think it's a pretty picture or they like the outfit or want to to what that person does, but to see how the images come to life and what you have to do to get the shot is something else entirely.  Let me just say that you cannot care what people think of you (and really this applies in all parts of life). To have the courage to pose in front of hundreds of photographers, stop traffic in the streets for the shot, and to be assertive enough to make sure everyone photographing you knows your name and your instagram handle is something else entirely. You need guts, confidence, charisma, style, passion and determination. You girls rock! Honestly!   Here are a bunch of photos I took on the streets of New York City of some of these awesome women and men (and please note a lot of these people aren't doing what I mentioned above, but are actually working and just running into the shows)!

 Their style and confidence is such an inspiration and makes me want to do more!!